Custom Programming

Sunshine Coast's Most Trusted Custom Programming Company

Computer Networks at Ease, or CNAE for short, is a professional IT services business based on the Sunshine Coast.

Software Customisation

CNAE provide software application creation and middleware for business
where industry standard applications are not available.

  • Microsoft Windows Applications

  • Apple Mac Development

  • Web Based Applications

  • Accpac Integration Development

  • Database Migration & Integration to Software Customisation

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Application Development

CNAE have created applications for all types of business from Manufacturing, Health, Finance & accounting.
This process starts with a client meeting to discuss the customers’ needs and requirements. A basic scope is supplied to make sure the client requirements will be meet and a cost estimate is given.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database

  • Delphi for Rapid Windows and Android Application Develoment


  • Microsoft.NET C#

  • Native apple Mac and IOS Development using Swift

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A common frustration for business is where they have several industry standard applications to help run their business but because these applications are from different software vendors and are used for different processes in their business the applications do not talk to each other. This eventuates in the client having to duplicate entries in each application.

In many instances CNAE are able to write a program or process that links these programs together removing the duplication or improving a process.

Middleware example

A furniture manufacturer would produce invoices from MYOB. The invoice would go to the production floor and an employee in dispatch would read the invoice and based on the items would manually create the shipping labels for each item on the client invoice.

CNAE made some very simple changes and supplied a basic software application to streamline this process.

  • The addition of a barcode on the MYOB invoices was created. The bar code contained all the information on the invoice. Customer name & address along with the items and packing quantities for each item.
  • Now when the invoice is received in the dispatch area the employee simply scans the barcode and all the labels are printed for that order.

Sunshine Coast’s Most Trusted Computer Network Specialists And Software Monitoring Company


We have been a customer of CNAE for around four years now, and we have always had a very good working relationship. I have phoned at some very testing times but you have always tried to help straight away. Once again, your service is always very much appreciated and I would love to think that our relationship will continue for some years yet.

– Trish Faithfull, Sunshine Coast Harley Davidson
– Trish Faithfull, Sunshine Coast Harley Davidson

Clearmake has been working with CNAE for many years now. CNAE has provided excellent service in a friendly and professional manner. They have helped us expand and adjust our IT infrastructure to meet our ever-changing business requirements, while at the same time maintaining a tight IT budget.

– Scott Carlisle, Engineering & Operations Manager
– Scott Carlisle, Engineering & Operations Manager

We have been using the skills and talents of CNAE for around 8 years and couldn’t be happier with their service, support and commitment. As with many businesses these days, the computers, server and supporting software are vital parts of our operation. CNAE has provided the assistance necessary for our IT requirements to remain up-to-date, secure and working 99.94% of our operational time. From their telephone operators to their field staff, the service and advice is excellent.

– Darrell Watson, Director, Professional Strata Services
– Darrell Watson, Director, Professional Strata Services

For the past 10 years Laser Sight Centres have relied heavily on the exceptional advice and services of CNAE to take our business from one clinic on the Sunshine Coast, to an International company with 10 other clinics nationally, and 3 internationally. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CNAE – they will treat your business like their own, and provide fast, efficient and excellent service. If all companies ran their business this way – what a stress-free life it would be!

– Yvonne Hutchins, State Manager, Laser Sight
– Yvonne Hutchins, State Manager, Laser Sight

One of the key reasons I use CNAE is their professionalism and skills, even more so their customer focused attitude. I have dealt with many IT people over the years who just want to tell you problems, CNAE provide solutions.

– John Leach, Owner, Red Energy
– John Leach, Owner, Red Energy

I work between my home, my office and clients’ offices. As a business owner I also take my work on holidays with me. My old laptop was great, but it was very slow to start up. Event though it was smaller than other laptops, it was still heavy to carry so I had to tow it behind me in a case on wheels.

John from CNAE introduced me to Kira. She’s a tiny Toshiba and while I wasn’t that keen on her to begin with (mostly because the keyboard felt a bit small) it didn’t take long to adjust. Now I love her. She fires up in seconds, is super lightweight and fits easily into my handbag. And she’s big enough for everything I need to do including regular Skype meetings – the picture and sound clarity are great!

Wedy Bold, Business Owner
Wedy Bold, Business Owner