We received a number of enquiries in response to the article and case study about document management systems (DMS) in our April e-Newsletter. We’ve summarised our responses in five FAQs.

  1. How big does a company have to be to have DMS?You can start off with one user and simply add users as you grow.
  2. Isn’t a DMS too expensive for a small business?You can buy a user license for as little as $350.00 (ex GST) or choose a hosted solution starting at just $20.00 per month.
  3. Is it better to wait until a company is established before moving to a DMS?No, the sooner you start the better. Having a system in place makes it so much easier to bring new employees on board as you grow by reducing the training required in filing and retrieval processes.
  4. How do we move our existing files into a new system?We can import all or some of your existing files into the system.
  5. Does DMS take care of emails too?Yes, this is one of the most popular features of our DMS system. When a user hits Send on an email, they’re prompted to enter some details into the system, which then files the email appropriately. This allows you to see not only company documents for a particular client or a specific job, but all emails from everyone in your company who has communicated with the client.

To talk to CNAE about how a DMS solution might enable your business to prosper, contact John: jd@cnae.com.au | 0438 113 358 | (07) 5436 9777.