Ken Parker describes how DPL’s filing system had become time-consuming and frustrating for its 20 users.

CNAE provided a document management system that’s both seamless and transparent, saving time, reducing staff frustration and directly supporting DPL’s business growth.

Ken joined the Dental Protection Limited (DPL) team in 2000, where he initially managed DPL Australia’s Membership Services before becoming Operations Manager two years later. Ken’s earlier career was in banking and finance; he spent 10 years with ANZ and 20 years with Metway (now Suncorp).

Ken is DPL’s primary point of contact with a major private health insurance organisation for all membership-related matters. An experienced management consultant with a long tenure in customer care, Ken provides a friendly and professional service for DPL members across Australia.

When Ken contracted CNAE, he was responsible for offices in Brisbane and Melbourne where 20 advisors relied on a Windows filing system to record contact with DPL members. The system was organised but not efficient.

Each advisor had their own directory where they organised and maintained DPL member files alphabetically. However, advisors filed information slightly differently, even though they were following common guidelines. Despite the fact that each advisor could access each other’s directory, individual differences meant they usually had to spend precious time locating specific information. It was difficult to avoid duplication and to be certain that advisors were referring to the latest version of a file. Further, slight variations on office processes in Brisbane and Melbourne led to further inconsistencies between them. Finally, DPL advisors were unable to access each other’s email, which meant that they could not be aware of email communication unless it had been recorded and filed outside the email program.

John suggested the use of Radix document management software as an alternative to Windows. DM software such as Radix allows a consistent method of saving that is not open to individual interpretation. CNAE tailored Radix to reflect DPL structures and terminology so that the filing system corresponds directly with existing practices. All advisors now have access to all the files and emails that are associated with each DPL member. Radix stores file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, scanned or AutoCAD images, photos, TIFFs, PDFs, videos, web pages and Outlook emails. Files are stored in unique libraries, are easily searched and sorted, and are accessible by everyone. Security settings can be used to restrict access to specific libraries as required.

CNAE has developed a close working relationship with Radix, due to a shared commitment to seamless customer-centred service. Also, Radix is located in Brisbane, so CNAE and Radix often work together to integrate RadixDM software with a business’ existing digital procedures, making it even easier for the business to set up and begin to benefit from document management.

Client’s Assessment
“Following the introduction of RadixDM, we’ve experienced immense savings in time & effort in maintaining member data & insurance matters. Radix is a tool that enables us to retrieve information much quicker than before. It also means staff only have to look in one place to see a member’s history. 

As we progress with Radix, we can already see significant additional storage benefits. We’re currently scanning all historical member files and documents so that they can be held in Radix. 
CNAE have assisted in every way and have been most accommodating with the introduction and training.”
Ken Parker, DPL.

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