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At CNAE We offer IT Support, Computer Networking along with other core IT services for your business. 

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Below are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Can I come to your office or do you work onsite at our premises?

You are welcome at our office anytime and sometimes for physical computer repairs this is the best approach. Generally we can do most of our work remotely and over the phone but when necessary or preferred we are happy to visit your premises.

What Is Break Fix Monitoring?

With your approval we can install an agent program on your computer/s and configure it to send you, us, or both, system alerts based around agreed thresholds. When alerts are received we can then agree on a remedy and action accordingly.

If my Computer network suddenly dies can you help me?

Yes, Networks can have many moving parts so the first step will be to determine the cause of death. Once determined we will be able to get you up and running quickly.

How often does a Computer Network need upgrading?

We like the simple approach and call it “fit for business”. If your network is performing then leave it and we’ll just maintain it to keep it that way. The time for upgrade will come when technology requires it or it’s no longer “fit for business” and is costing you time/money.

Do I receive regular updates on how my computer network is performing?

If you want it we can provide it in Executive Summary form or graphs and charts, whatever is your preference. We provide a service we call PMA’s (Preventative Maintenance Agreements) and complete a set list of tasks and checks on a regularly agreed schedule. Upon completion we send you detailed reports and analysis of your computer network.

Do you supply all hardware and software?

We are advocates, users, partners, and suppliers of Tier-1 hardware products such as HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, etc. We ourselves have been victims of using inferior/cheaper solutions only to be disappointed with reliability and post-sales support so we don’t recommend them or sell them. We apply the same ethos to software and everything else we supply. Let us know what you want to achieve and we can tailor and recommend a proven solution.

What types of Networks do you install?

We can create, support, manage, and maintain Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), Personal Area Network (PAN), Storage Area Networks (SAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). If it has the word ‘network’ in it, we can do it.

What is the difference between LAN, MAN and WAN networks?

In basic terms the difference between these and just about all network types the size and geographical area that they cover.

What is the benefit of a managed service over break fix?

Our Managed Service is to give you peace of mind that everything in your IT environment is being proactively managed and maintained and for a fixed monthly cost. Our Break-Fix service is reactive and as it sounds, if it breaks we’ll fix it. Costs are charged at our normal hourly rates.

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Are your systems confidential and are they able to handle sensitive documents?

All staff at CNAE sign a confidentiality agreement, and follow the guidelines of this agreement. Current processes ensure that all information regarding you our client and your sensitive information is kept confidential.

Do you do one off jobs for home offices?

Yes we do but we never look at it as ‘one off’. When you engage us and you see the job done well we often find the ‘one off’ is a happy regular/repeat customer. As is always the case we strive to provide the same level of service to our smaller customers as our large.

I have an onsite IT guy, is it more cost effective to have you manage this instead?

Over the years we have found many cases where it is more cost-effective and advantageous. We have a team of IT staff ready to assist you, your onsite guy will be absent and on holidays at some stage. Ultimately there are more factors to consider but we can help you work through that process so you can get the right answer for you and your business.

What are your support hours?

Our office hours are 8:30am – 5pm Mon-Fri Qld time (AEST). We have after-hours numbers so you can be put through to a tech and that is if you don’t already have your designated CNAE tech mobile number which you can call anytime.

Do you have the capability to monitor large networks like medical centers or hospitals?

Within our team we have well over 100-years of accumulative IT experience and within that team we have a few IT Medical experts as well. On top of that we currently actively maintain networks for hospitals and medical centres. CNAE have the systems in place to manage corporations of any size and we currently have over 1400 computers and servers being monitored and managed so the answer is a resounding Yes.

We have a huge problem with virus’ and spam, how can you assist us?

We like to deploy a multi-layered approach to keep the baddies out and your network and computers clean. Every network is different but generally we look to use a cloud email filtering service as the first line of defense and a UTM (Unified Threat Management) device between your computers and the Internet.

How are your fees structured?

Our clients who are on a Service level Agreement (SLA) receive a fixed monthly invoice for our services, and have peace of mind that we are proactively looking after their IT environment. Our technicians also provide phone/remote support to Break Fix clients are billed in 15 min increments with a 1 hour minimum for services performed on site.

I have multiple franchise locations am I charged per site or per business?

for the devices you want us to manage regardless of location, within reason of course, but this can be discussed and negotiated once we have all the details.

Do you do IT services for multiple business locations?

Yes we have a large number of customers that operate from multiple locations within Australia and overseas. We have local staff scattered around SE Qld and regularly have techs travelling interstate.

Do you offer IT or network training to my staff?

Our experienced technicians can assist you and your staff with negotiating through your own IT network and are happy to recommend where/how to assess training for many Third Party programs.

“Clearmake has been working with CNAE for many years now. CNAE has provided excellent service in a friendly and professional manner. They have helped us expand and adjust our IT infrastructure to meet our ever-changing business requirements, while at the same time maintaining a tight IT budget.

Scott Carlisle, Engineering & Operations Manager