Talking about the cloud is a bit like talking about the length of a piece of string. It depends on who’s asking and what they’re actually looking for. Here are four key considerations that you must discuss with an expert when you’re deciding whether and how to use the cloud. This is one area where the health of your business is too important for you to believe every cloud myth you hear (and there are plenty of them) without taking professional advice.

    1. Number and location of your staff

In many cases, the question of where to store your business data (on site or in the cloud) depends on how many staff need to access it and where they are located. If most of your users are at head office with your server, you may not benefit from a cloud solution. However, if most of your users are remote, storing your data in the cloud could be beneficial, but only if you have fast reliable internet.

    1. Internet Speed

Internet speed and reliability are extremely important factors in any cloud decision that are overlooked far too often. The speed that you need will depend on the number of users you have and their locations. CNAE has access to a wide range of internet providers, broadband and pricing options that include ADSL, 4G, EFM, Hybrid-Fibre Microwave, Fibre and more.

    1. Application Types

If your staff use programs that involve large amounts of data, such as CAD and graphics software, the cloud is unlikely to be a solution for your business.

    1. Hybrid Solutions

CNAE may recommend a hybrid solution for your business where it is economical for selected applications to run in the cloud. This would be the case where the cost of buying a server, installing software and ongoing maintenance don’t warrant the expense compared to a regular monthly fee for cloud access.

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