If you’re worried about data encryption viruses ruining your business, this tip is for you.
Protect your computer and network by making minor security changes and installing the right software. It can cost less than AU$30 per year.

Business owners recently lost seven months of data and MYOB files – including the backups. The hackers demanded US $4000 to restore the data. Don’t let this happen to you.

The problem 
If a virus like Ransomware or CryptoLocker infects your computer, it encrypts and locks the data on your computers, network and any attached storage devices. The owner of the virus then contacts you to demand a sum of money in order to restore the data. If you pay, history shows that there’s no guarantee that the virus owner will free your data. If you don’t pay up and you’re a small business with key client and financial information that effects your clients and your livelihood, you’re in a serious mess. Noosa small business owners last week lost seven months of data and MYOB files – including the backups. The hackers demanded US $4000 to restore the data.

The risk 
Encryption viruses attack any computer at any time. Experts in identity security suggest that overseas hackers are targeting affluent nations such as Australia.

The consequences
Without protection, you run the risk of spending hours attempting to recover or recreate lost data. You lose productive time you could be spending on developing client relationships or business development activities that your organisation’s growth depends on. You and your staff will feel stress and your clients may lose confidence in your ability to take care of them. It’s difficult to imagine that your productivity and profitability won’t suffer.

The solution 
To protect yourself against encryption viruses, the solution is to contact CNAE to find out about our range of software solutions that start at just AU$30 per year. We can also ensure that you have a rotating offsite backup process in place that means you would only ever lose a single day’s data if you were ever a victim of this type of cybercrime.

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