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Why Should I Upgrade and Secure My Medical Network When It Seems to Work Fine?

When it comes to your business, maintaining your IT infrastructure and security is essential in protecting your staff, clients and patients information. An upgraded network and secure system go a long way in the unfortunate event that something happens to your system. Monthly maintenance and regular preventative measures are a step towards keeping hackers and malware at bay. Especially where your business manages confidential information in particular medical and accounting records it’s imperative to have a medical IT network system in place that is as secure as possible.

Here’s why it’s so important to upgrade and secure your medical computer network.

1. Increased security

Staying up to date with your computers antivirus and malware protection is crucial in protecting you from cyberattacks and hacks, by utilising industry leading Security products such as WatchGuard and Trend Micro.

2. Increased production

A good computer network improves work output, saves time and reduces upkeep. An upgraded system works harder, processing workloads quicker and handling more resources and cloud-based applications.

3. Allows employees to work from home

During current times many employees started working from home, and have remained home as restrictions ease. The tools needed to process and communicate with staff, clients, and patients can overwhelm an older system and often require more

up-to-date hardware. Upgrading allows employees to work from anywhere efficiently.

4. Decreased cost

Though upgrading may sound expensive, it is costlier in the long run to maintain an ageing system. Upgraded software / hardware maintained by a specialised group of engineers pays for itself!

Why is it important to secure your network?

A well-placed and timely attack on your IT network systems can be the difference between a business that securely deals with valuable documentation and a business that falls into non-compliance and loss of productivity.

To implement network security, our specialists utilise tried and tested methods to reduce the risk of data loss, theft and sabotage. Working in a medical practice, dentist or aged home facility means your employees have to deal with copious amounts of confidential information. Hackers, ransomware and viruses target all systems. The older your infrastructure, the more vulnerable you become.

If you’re interested in keeping your employees and patients safe from hackers, malware and virus attacks, change your IT support company to CNAE. We take a proactive approach!