There are good reasons why CNAE is fast earning a unique reputation when it comes to programming. CNAE programming solutions offer a viable alternative to the purchase of off-the-shelf software to help you solve a problem in your business; an alternative where you can benefit in terms of cost, time, precision, customer service and support.

Nick Wolverson – who has a 20-year relationship with CNAE – heads up the in-house team of full-time programmers and an Australian, NSW based contractor with whom he has worked closely with for over 8 years.

Programming is a core component of the company’s offerings, based on CNAE expertise in both Mac and Windows environments; analytic skills; and solid experience in fields as diverse as finance, construction, medicine, light and heavy industry. Nick is excited about the growing demand for ‘hybrid solutions’ that enable users to access their data seamlessly from desktops and all mobile devices.

Why Programming?

Businesses use a range of software solutions in order to perform essential activities such as payroll, invoicing, despatch, project management, estimating and so on. The fact that software facilitates such critical business processes demonstrates the fact that your overall business performance is directly related to having effective IT infrastructure and systems in place.

As a business owner, whenever you want to improve your business by investing in software, you basically have two choices.

One option is to buy an off-the-shelf package. This entails spending significant time on research and cutting through sales pitches. It also means feeling the pressure of making a decision on which the future of your business may depend. Off-the-shelf is generally expensive; because off-the-shelf packages are designed to meet the needs of the widest possible range of users, you may end up paying for features you don’t need, and/or putting up with the fact that some of the features you do need aren’t included. On top of this, installation and testing processes and integration with your existing systems can also be major challenges, as can ongoing customer service and timely support.

Another option is to talk with an experienced software developer who can advise you on the best option in your particular situation. Their recommendation may well be an off-the-shelf package, which they can then help you to integrate with your current setup. Alternatively, they may suggest a tailored programming solution, designed to meet your specific needs and to seamlessly complement your existing systems. Unlike the provider of off-the-shelf software, a software developer is more likely to be able to offer direct access to and therefore a professional relationship with your personal developer, as well as responsive local support, and ongoing customer services. The possible outcomes of this approach are positive:

  1. Personalised and specific consultation – no generic solutions and packaging promises
  2. A well-informed recommendation for an off-the-shelf product – no need to spend hours on research
  3. Modifications to existing software – ensuring a financial outlay that is sensible
  4. A customised programming solution including installation, testing, integration and support.

To find out more about how CNAE programming services could benefit your business, contact John: | 0438 113 358 | (07) 5436 9777.