If you are sick and tired of fiddling with tangled cables and multiple tiny laptop ports, this tip is for you…

Invest in a port replicator and connect all your devices simultaneously with a one-touch connection.

Anyone who takes their laptop to work needs the transition from home to office to be quick, smooth and efficient. By the time you reach your office, the phone is ringing and a colleague is debriefing you about an important client. You need to sit down, lift the laptop lid and be focused and productive without delay.

The last thing you need is to retrieve the cables that have slipped onto the floor behind your desk and then the right ports on your laptop. The faster you fiddle, the more slowly you progress. You lose focus and your stress levels rise. It’s not a positive way to start the day. And it’s surprisingly easy to avoid.

Enter the port replicator, a display link device also known as the ‘passthrough’, ‘dock’ or ‘docking station’. It is a simple and inexpensive laptop attachment that replicates standard laptop ports. A port replicator allows you to simultaneously connect your laptop to a number of standard non-portable devices such as monitors, printers, mouses and keyboards. The devices remain permanently connected to the port replicator, which ‘lives’ on your desk. Whenever you want to use your devices, you attach the port replicator to your laptop instead of each device in turn. At the end of the day or on the way to a meeting, you simply unplug once, pick up your laptop and walk away. The port replicator remains on your desk until you need it next.

In addition to the obvious convenience of the one-touch connection, a port replicator brings greater flexibility in that your laptop can substitute for the desktop. Weighing around 100g and smaller than a box of tissues, it also helps to keep your desk clear, tidy and organised.

For more about how you and your staff can benefit from a port replicator, contact John: jd@cnae.com.au | 0438 113 358 | (07) 5436 9777.