The 12-person team at Computer Networks At Ease (CNAE) challenges the stereotype of the nerdy geek who is most comfortable with their head in a computer. We consciously cultivate a different kind of IT culture, and our clients love us for it.

There are three key ways in which we’re different from traditional IT businesses. Find out what this could mean for you as a CNAE customer.

  1. Your dedicated technician – You’ll have a single point of contact whenever you talk with CNAE, and this means you never have to ask the same question or tell the same story more than once. Despite the efficiencies of remote support, your personal technician will still physically visit you at work. This not only means you can develop a ‘normal’ face-to-face relationship, but also that they can observe and fully understand your IT needs in context.
  2. Experienced in IT and experienced in life – Certainly, CNAE staff are qualified and experienced in providing IT support and solutions; just as importantly, we are widely experienced in life. We are both male and female, represent a broad age range, come from various professional backgrounds and have diverse interests outside work – ranging from creative arts and vegetarianism to building and mountain biking. Because we’re happy, our staff turnover is low and this means we can develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to work alongside you so that we understand your business well. The result of this is that we can design and deliver integrated technical service with positive impacts on your overall business performance in mind.
  3. Collegiate and accountable – It’s because we freely share our knowledge across the CNAE team that we’re able to do so much more than just fix computers. Our close collegiate approach means our clients can benefit directly from the hundreds of hours that each of us has spent in different areas of specialisation. We offer four core services that complement and enhance each other thanks to strong communication and trust among team members. Not only this, but we’re accountable to both our clients and to each other. We measure and review time spent on specific jobs and time spent with specific clients; and we ensure that our invoicing is both timely and accurate. Our systems ensure customer satisfaction, although we’re always striving for more.

To find out more about CNAE, contact John Diedrichs: | (07) 5436 3358 | 0438 113 358.