If email legal requirements, searching and quota constraints and accidental or deliberate deletions are a problem for your workplace, this tip is for you.

Implement email archiving software – it was our most sought-after solution in 2015, and it will ensure your business activities and growth are enhanced by email, not frustrated by it.

While email has revolutionised business across the board, there are downsides that can have serious implications. Mail servers struggle with vast quantities of data, storage costs sky-rocket and backup/restore processes become overly complex. Your team may also be at risk of accidentally deleting emails (and dismissed staff may deliberately remove emails), and in the absence of systems, staff will develop their own that others can’t use. All this can impact negatively on the productivity and growth of your business. Read more to find the solution.

CNAE recommends MailStore Server – it’s fast and easy to implement and, somewhat surprisingly, very affordable. MailStore Server integrates with major email systems and features single-click archive / restore. You will easily meet the increasing regulations on email compliance. Team members won’t be able to accidentally delete important messages. Archiving occurs in the background so that workflow is not interrupted. And your team will no longer be constrained by the limits of mailbox quotas.

The bottom line is this: MailStore Server represents a straightforward solution with tangible benefits that include easy and affordable implementation. Look out for our Quick Tip in February on key reasons why you should seriously consider MailStore Server for your business.

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